Dharchula is a town that is located in the PIthorgarh district of the state of Uttarakhand. Dharchula is a small and remote place and it is located along an ancient trade route through the Himalayan Mountains. The town is completely surrounded by hills on all sides and the views are breathtaking. The people of the town of Dharchula have any similar characteristics to the people of the town called Darchula in Nepal, which is just across the border. There are a few places of tourist interest that are located in the town, however most tourists who travel here, come to witness the unique culture and diversity of the people.

Some of the main attractions in the place are Narayan Ashram, Manosarovar Lake, Chikrila Dam, Kali River and Om Parvat. The Narayan Ashram is located around 98 km from the town of Dharchula and it can accommodate up to 40 people at any given time. The Manosarovar Lake is a pilgrim center and many devotees come to the place to take a holy bath, in the frigid waters.

The climatic conditions of the town of Dharchula are extreme and one can find hot summers and cold winters in this region. The summers in the town are similar to the summers in the lowlands and the heat is quite intense. Winters jump to the other extreme, and they can be bitterly cold. Snowfall is not prevalent in this region. Many landslides are caused during the monsoon season due to the torrential rainfall.

The summer season is during the months from March to June. The conditions are extreme during this period and it is difficult to travel around during this time. One can expect temperatures to rise to around 45°C in the Dharchula Valley. The lowest expected temperature in the town is around 30°C.

The monsoon season consists of the months from July to September. Heavy downpours occur during this season and it makes life difficult for the local population. Traveling during this period is not advisable and the roads might not be in good condition as well.

The winter season starts in the month of December and ends in the month of February. Temperatures vary from a minimum of 5.5°C and can climb to a maximum of 8°C.


Jauljibi is situated 23kms from Dharchula at a scenic location. Jauljibi is located at the confluence of Gori River and Kali River. The fair is held here in the month of November which attracts people from different places. The people of Nepal also visit this place during this fair as the river holds great importance for them.

Narayan Ashram

The ashram was established by Narayan Swami in the year 1936. It is situated 44kms from Dharchula. This spiritual-cum-socio educational centre is set at an altitude of 2734 metres amidst scenic surroundings. It has a school for local children's and imparts training to local youth. There is also a library, meditation room and samadhi-sthal.

Askot Sanctuary

This sanctuary is not only rich in varied flora and fauna but it also affords the charming vistas of nature’s beauteousness. Askot Sanctuary is located at an elevation of 5412ft above sea level. You can see bharals, monals, snow leopards, Himalayan black bears, chirs, koklas, pheasants, musk deers, snow cocks, tahra, and chukors.

Chirkila Dam

Chirkila dam is built on Kali River at Chirkila. Chirkila is situated 20km ahead of Dharchula. The dam has a capacity of producing 1500kW of energy. The dam is adjoined by an invigorating lake which is 1km in length. This lake will soon be facilitated with water sports by Uttarakhand Government.