Gwaldam is a little lethargic town, on the border of Garhwal and Kumaon. Set amidst green woods and apple orchards, it is located at an altitude of 1629 m.40 km away from Kausani, Gwaldam offers a fascinating view of Himalayan peaks Nanda Devi (7817 mt), Trishul (7120 mt) and Nanda Ghunti (6309 mt).

Gwaldam is 22 km away from Baijnath. The highway that goes to Bageshwar, branches off to take you through a fascinating route amidst thick pine forests, against the backdrop of the Himalayas. From Gwaldam, the road winds its way through dense forests and terraced fields dotted with cottages of Tharali and Narain Bagar upto the Ranikhet-Pandukhal road.

It's the starting point for some of the most exciting trekking routes in the Himalayas and the base for the trek to Roop Kund. The place has several apple orchards and one could go about exploring roads. As one looks up, one sees the snow-capped peaks. The valley that stretches for miles has the river Pindari flowing through it. This small hamlet with its far spread fields is one of nature's joys.

Gwaldam with its healthy climate and virgin serenity is a little heaven, nestled in the woods. The entire area up to Talwari is full of orchids. A 3-km track amidst beautiful nature in the company of nameless flowers, endless springs and countless birds will take you to Badhangarh temple, perched on a narrow ridge. From here you can have a glimpse of the never seen marvels of the Himalayas.

If you are adventurous enough, Gwaldam is the base of the trekking route to Roop Kund. You will come across the beautiful sleepy villages Mandoli, Debal and Wan on your way to Roopkund.

The Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra, the most revered religious journey in the region, takes place in every twelve years follow this route.


The famous temple complex is on the bank of local Gomti River. This group of temples was built by the Katyuri rulers in the 13th century. The main temple houses a beautiful idol of goddess Parvati. It is believed that Shiva and Parvati were married here.


It is located at a distance of 45 km on the confluence of local Gomti and Saryu rivers. It is an ancient pilgrimage centre. The famous Bagnath temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This is also the base for treks to Pindari, Kafni and Sunder Dunga glaciers.


40 km from Gwaldam, this picturesque hill station, amidst dense pine forests, offers a closer view of the Himalayan splendour, specially the Nanda Devi mountain range. Gandhiji stayed here for some time. The 'Anashakti Ashram' was built here in his memory.

Roop Kund

Roop Kund is situated at a height of 4800 m, in the midst of Trishul Massif. It is referred to as the mystery lake, due to the hundreds of frozen human bodies and skeletons found here, that are believed to be the remains of royal expeditionaries, lost on their way to a pilgrimage. The route to Roop Kund passes through delightful alpine pastures and snow fields, offering magnificent views of the Trishul, Nanda Ghunti and Chaukhamba peaks.