A sleepy hamlet, amazingly scenic beautiful village, surrounded by greenish and yellowish paddy fields, Mori is located on the banks of renowned Tons River. Mori is a part of the Tons valley, have a unique culture and history. Local folks boast that they are the descendants of the Kauravas and Pandavas, the mythological royal warriors and kings in the epic age of Mahabharatha. When in Mori, tourists should also include Nainital tour packages which is around 400 from Mori.

A tourist attraction for the solitude-seeking travelers for secluded destinations; Mori is a perfect holiday retreat. The tallest pine forest in Asia is among the thickly populated forest in Mori. Main attractions include the ancient historic temple, with main deity as Duryodhna and the Lunagad Creek, a fantastic place with a narrow ravine and a cute pond with a small but fascinating waterfall.

Cultural diversity of Mori, full of legendary temples, architectures and mythology, is fascinating. The cutie village offers one with unusual, unique and diverse opportunities. The people in Mori are followers of Kauravas, considered as the anti heroes in epic Mahabharatha, and Mori folks consider them as gods. The people here have peculiar habits like smoke earthen pipes, coconut hookahs or bidis, women folks are fond of wearing ornaments made out of silver. An ancient temple of Karna, with a rectangular wooden structure, located nearby to Mori in Netwar is attractive.

Mori is well known for adventurous water sports activities. Water rafting on the Tons River and trekking on the undulated hilly terrains are the chief activities one can adventure for. Mori is an apt place for holiday camping, to rejuvenate and relax the body mind and whole life activities.

The hill station Mori has a cold climate all through the year. Summers during March to June are very pleasant within the temperature range of 9°C to 23°C. Winters during November to February are very chilly with minimum temperature reaching freezing level of 2°C or below. Maximum during winters are around 8°C only. Snow falls are common during winters. Monsoons have very low rainfall. Moist is very common during post monsoons and beginning of summers.

Post monsoons are good for water rafting and fishing. Summers are excellent for trekking and climbing. Best season is all through the year, may keep off freeze winter days.


Netwar is situated at the confluence of the tributary stream Rupin Gad and the Tons River. The village is popular for its ancient shrine dedicated to Karna, the King of Shalya. Karna was the son of Surya and Kunti.Netwar is considered to be the only region where Duryodhana, one of the Kauravas, is worshipped. The village has beautiful wooden temples devoted to Duryodhana and his allies.

About Lunagad Creek

The Lunagad Creek is located in the narrow gorge of the Tons Valley and leads to a blue pool formed by a small waterfall. The creek is surrounded by pine forest, a few Gujjar huts and tribal homes. The site is popular for the plantations of yellow and red nasturtium flowers and wild roses.

Duryodhana Temple

The Duryodhana Temple is located in Jakhol Village in the Tons Valley in Uttarkashi District. The temple is dedicated to the Kauravas and is believed to have been constructed by the local people of Saur Village.

It is considered that the Tamas River was formed by the tears of the natives who cried at the defeat of the Kauravas. The river derives its name from a Hindi word 'Tamas', meaning sorrow. Places like Osla, Gangar and Datmircan have temples dedicated to Kauravas and Duryodhana.